My Big Exciting Journey

So today I woke up with waxed bags on my mind. Unlike other trips where I pack whatever I can find I feel the need to organise my trip like a military operation. It’s not that I am a first time traveller, quite the opposite. It’s just that it’s going to be more than simply a holiday for me. Travelling alone for the first time in 40 years may appear daunting but I am cautiously excited. It signals the start of a new independent life and for this reason I want to do it right.
I am reluctantly settling into the label of “widow” which I hate and this trip will be a personal challenge. Having devoted the last 28 years to the two men in my life, it’s finally time to be a little selfish and consider my needs and wants. I was lucky to be married to a truly amazing man whom I loved with all my heart, together with our adored son they were the centre of my universe.

So, back to waxed bags…..oh the price. My first love was a Bradley Mountain Bag. Classy, understated and practical. Except it’s cost prohibitive. At $149 for the cheapest it’s difficult to justify that amount on one item when I need so much stuff………googling well into the early hours I came across a similar styled bag by Barbour the famous English brand. Again, very pricey.
I eventually found a stylish substitute on Alibaba the Asian Wholesale Site, made in Japan it looked to be as well made as the more expensive brands.